Apps Intellect™ will Provide Drones with UAV pilots..

Apps Intellect™ will do the analysis of aerial data collected by UAVs. We have full ground based capabilities in advanced drone technology including precise 3D mapping, thermal imaging and the capacity to navigate large areas of any terrain.

Wondering how aerial data could impact your business?

Apps Intellect™ will work with you to help you understand the technical, economic, and operational feasibility of using commercial drones.


We are committed to improving the efficiency of GIS professionals. We combine cutting edge UAV and sensor technology as per the need, you can capture accurate aerial 2D ortho-mosaics (maps) and 3D models as per the site. We will work with you to explore your requirements.

Production Houses

As gear has got smaller, lighter and more sophisticated, aerial filming no longer always has to involve expensive helicopters and static cranes. Production companies are increasingly using drones to nail those shots that require dramatic panoramas, adrenalin-filled action sequences, 360-degree views of subjects or literal birds eye views.


Drones have the ability to provide extremely important data ranging from surveillance and condition of crops which includes identification and techniques to be employed for better farming, dusting and spraying crops with insecticides from air to seed bombing seed balls from air at remote locations for planting trees. 


Added to the industrial and energy requirements drone serve the purpose of human welfare efficiently as any other means aiding the needy and distressed, be it a search mission or delivering relief package to the desired location in time. Disaster management authorities are now open to the ideas of sending drones to the affected regions.

Construction & Demolition

Construction and demolition are in itself a herculean task requiring a constant feed of updates from all dimensions possible, and what a better way to do it than with an eye in the sky. Build right, the first time. Overlaying imagery collected from the drone with the original design, mistakes can be spotted.

Virtual reality

The Interactive 360 gives you a full 360 degree view at any altitude so you can look directly down or up or anywhere in between, allowing the viewer to zoom in on whatever they want in incredible detail. Web publishing is done in house providing unmatched flexibility.

Forestry & Wildlife

Air surveillance reduces the amount of time and manpower to cover such a gigantic landscape substantially. And keeping a check on unwanted events like forest fires, illegal cutting, trade of trees, Poaching is a bigger problem than ever before. Animals are being hunted at an alarming rate.